Impairment Assessments

What is an Impairment Rating?

Once you are qualified, we assist you by determining your impairment rating. An impairment is defined as a decrease in the functioning of an extremity, other body part, or organ. It is expressed as either a percentage of impairment of the extremity or of the body as a whole.  An impairment rating is performed once the claimant has reached Maximum Medical Improvement (i.e. the condition is stabilized and is unlikely to improve with additional medical treatment). Impairment compensation is calculated in different ways depending on what program the claimant is covered under. Under EEOICPA and RECA, impairment compensation is calculated at: $2,500 for every one percent of whole body impairment.  Under FECA, multiple factors including previous pay rate, body part involved, and percent impairment are taken into account to determine the compensation rate.

What is an Impairment Assessment?

Once you are qualified, we assist by determining your impairment rating through an impairment assessment. An impairment assessment is not a disability exam, but a reflection of how your extremity or whole body has been impaired by the covered illness.  We determine the percentage of impairment as a result of your approved condition. Your rating for a specific impairment condition may be evaluated every two years, or any time a new covered condition has been added under EEOICPA. Under FECA, an impairment rating can be done as often as every year if your condition continues to worsen or any time a new covered condition is added.

In many cases, we do not have to personally examine you to perform and impairment assessment. Information for the impairment assessment can be obtained from information in your most recent medical records and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) form. We can help you complete the ADL form during our interview. Interviews can be conducted in person or by telephone. If you have an authorized representative, they are welcome to participate in this interview. Drs. Meals, Tolar, and Brien collaborate on every impairment rating for every claimant.  No document leaves our office without review from at least one other physician.  As we review your medical records, we often identify additional illnesses that may be claimed under EEOICPA and FECA in order to maximize your benefits. 

What About New Conditions?

New conditions may be rated upon approval of the condition without waiting two years. 

Who Qualifies?

Before your impairment rating can be assigned, you must have an approved claim with the U.S. Department of Labor. Claims are filed and approved by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Once your claim is filed, it will be sent to the U.S. Department of Labor district office. If you qualify under EEOICPA and RECA, you will be provided with a U.S. DOL white medical benefits card. If you qualify under FECA, you will receive a letter from DOL listing your covered conditions. You may then be eligible for an impairment rating under EEOICPA, RECA, and FECA.

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